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River Valley Meats  - Meat Wholesaler and Distributor

3 Reasons Why Buying Wholesale Meat From Your Local is the Best!!🤗

1. Getting to know your local meat wholesaler and their practices will ensure that you are consuming foods that are free from added hormones, antibiotics and preservatives!!👌

2. Buying from your local meat wholesaler helps keep small local businesses operational. There are less and less small family run companies these days.👪

3. And of course buying meat from your local meat wholesaler can save you money.



Kumeu Meat Processors - Home Killed Meat Processing

We can arrange for your at-home slaughtering requirements in a respectful and humane manner.

We have a team of qualified butchers who can offer a comprehensive selection of processing for your home reared meat.

Andy Cummings and the team also specialise in venison processing and make amazing smoked salamis.


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